The approach in the first year is to lay an appropriate foundation. The workshop (25-27 June 2012, Edinburgh) emphasised sharing knowledge, making connections, synthesizing an authoritative overview of the state of the science, and defining mutual research directions for ST. Topics include:

  • How to improve remote sensing of ST in different environments
  • Challenges from changes of in situ observing networks over time
  • Current understanding of how different types of ST inter-¬≠relate
  • Nature of errors and uncertainties in ST observations
  • Mutual/integrated quality control between satellite and in situ observing systems

These topics have been framed to cross sub-­disciplinary boundaries. In addition, there are preparation for the Arctic ST theme in Year 2 (2013). Means of pursuing the research directions beyond (as well as within) the network are identified, so that the priority science needs can be promoted coherently across other international bodies.