Management group

Chris Merchant (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Chris Merchant is Reader in Earth Observation in the School of GeoSciences (University of Edinburgh). His principal expertise is use of thermal and reflectance imagery from satellites for observing surface temperature for climate applications, with interests also in lakes, aerosols, clouds, air-­sea fluxes and the radiation budget.
John Remedios (Co-Principal Investigator)
Prof. John Remedios is Professor of Earth Observation Science (EOS) in the Space Research Centre (University of Leicester). His research interests include surface temperatures and atmospheric correction; climate trends; measurements, retrievals and exploitation of tropospheric pollution and stratospheric composition; and validation and calibration of satellite instrument data.
Nick Rayner (Co-Principal Investigator)
Dr. Nick Rayner is a scientist at the Hadley Center (Met Office) where she leads the analysis of marine climate observations. Her expertise includes sea surface temperature, marine air temperature and sea ice observations, and the the statistical reconstructions of historical climate data.
Gary Corlett (Project manager [from 2014])
Dr. Gary Corlett is a Research Fellow in the Earth Observation Science Group at the Space Research Centre, University of Leicester.
Karen Veal (Project manager [2013-2014])
Dr. Karen Veal is a Research Associate in the Earth Observation Science Group at the Space Research Centre, University of Leicester.
Stephan Matthiesen (Project manager [2011-2013])
Dr. Stephan Matthiesen is a physicist and works as Programme Manager and researcher at the School of GeoSciences (University of Edinburgh). He is also a freelance translator and editor of scientific texts.

Steering group

Jacob L. Høyer
Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)
Phil Jones
University of East Anglia (UEA)
Folke Olesen
Karslsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Simon Pinnock
European Space Agency
Hervé Roquet
Centre de Météorologie Spatiale, MeteoFrance
José Sobrino
University of Valencia
Peter Thorne
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)