Report on the Second Annual EarthTemp Network Meeting, 12-14 June 2013, Copenhagen
by Colin Morice, Met Office, Exeter

This report documents the Second Annual EarthTemp meeting, held at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) in Copenhagen on 12-14 June 2013. The 2013 meeting focused on observing surface temperatures in data-sparse and extreme regions with an emphasis on monitoring surface temperature at high latitudes and at high altitudes, bringing together experts in both in situ and remote Earth observation. The scope of the meeting encompassed temperature observation over the broad range of surfaces present in these remote regions, aiming to build up communication, understanding and collaboration between the various fields of surface temperature observation. This report reviews progress on activities supported by the EarthTemp Network in the year following the First Annual EarthTemp meeting in Edinburgh, UK, reports on the outcomes of the Second Annual EarthTemp meeting and outlines upcoming EarthTemp activities.

Download the full report (PDF, 397kb)