Making connexions - a knowledge-pooling activity

This document contains transcripts of the handwritten report sheets from the "Making Connexions" exercise that kicked off the workshop. Small groups discussed the different topics in succession. All participants had an opportunity to comment on each of six topics. Participants were asked to comment on knowledge gaps and suggest future research opportunities.

  • Which general challenges make it difficult to collect data in Africa?
  • Knowledge gaps: which geographical areas of climate zones in Africa do we have to understand better? Why (relevance)?
  • Which user communities in Africa benefit from better surface temperature data? How?
  • Existing or potential opportunities: Which developments, techniques or initiatives can improve understanding of STs in Africa?
  • Temperatures in coastal areas. Specific challenges? Knowledge gaps?
  • Temperatures in lake areas in Africa: Specific challenges? Knowledge gaps?

Download the transcript (PDF, 182kB)

Breakout discussions

This document contains transcriptions of the handwritten reporting sheets from each breakout session. The following topics were discussed (some topics were discussed by two groups).

  • Lake water ST and applications/ST challenges in coastal areas
  • Spatially complete ST for Africa
  • Relating LSAT to LST and reanalyses for Africa (two groups)
  • Reference sites for ST (two groups)
  • Meeting user ST needs for Africa (two groups)

Download the transcript (PDF, 242kB)